Comparing the Two- iOS 11 & iOS 10,A Tough Call It Is!

Just as is a ritual over the years, Apple at the WWDC 2017 in June, unveiled a brand-new version of iOS; the iOS 11, promising huge improvements over the previous iOS 10. More was revealed about this at the fall event and the new operating system is now available for download all over world after the release a few days ago throwing companies catering to mobile app development services into top gear.

iOS 11 is available for a huge range of the Apple devices including a wide range of the iPhones, iPods and the iPads.

The Hype and the Excitement


As goes with every launch of iOS, there are a lot of discussions and declarations from who’s who in the industry as well as leading publications.

The Verge justifies the hype around iOS11 with an interesting statement.

“OS 11 is the most ambitious software update from Apple in a very, very long time. It’s ambitious because it’s packed with so many new features and technologies that it will be impossible for me to cover them all here. It’s ambitious because those new features will be going out to over a billion devices when it ships this fall. It’s ambitious because one of those features, support for augmented reality, trying to leapfrog the rest of the industry by putting it on every iPhone.”

An article on TechCrunch quotes about iOS 11 in context to the iPad saying a lot.

“iOS 11 isn’t your average iOS update. It turns your iPad into a completely different machine and it adds potentially groundbreaking core frameworks to the iPhone.”

iOS 11 & iOS 10 – the Assessments

Comparisons are inevitable as far as iOS goes. Of course, iOS Vs Android is a done thing, but also comparing latest iOS versions to the previous ones is a new normal too for iPhone app development enthusiasts.

Lock Screen

Unlike iOS 10 which first shows the lock screen on wake up and the notifications if you scroll from top to the bottom of the screen in iOS 11 from anywhere if you swipe down the Lock screen comes up and then swipe up to get the notification screen.

Control Centre

In iOS 10 the control center is spilt onto 2 screens but iOS 11 has control screen packed into one, with the provision for customization so letting the users decide which setting should be there and which should not be there.


In the older versions dock was only set of apps on the bottom of the home screen but now in the iOS11 for the iPads, dock is accessible from almost everywhere by a short swipe on the bottom of the screen just as you do to get the control screen but for iPad it would have both the Control Centre, and the dock.

App switching

In iOS 10 this feature could be accessed by double pressing on the home button which would then display the apps being used in swipeable stack but in iOS 11 for the iPads they are laid out in simple two flat rows.


Files is a central place where you can find, organize, open, and delete all the files on your device, in iCloud, but with iOS 11, it supports integration with third party storage services like Dropbox and supports the drag and drop feature.

Drag and Drop

The drag and drop feature that can be used system wide and between apps is a useful feature that has been incorporated. For example, dragging a document into the mail which was otherwise quite tedious task in iOS 10 has been simplified in iOS 11.

Redesigned App Store

On tapping on the app store the ‘Today’ tab opens upshowing therecommended daily list of apps. Beside the today tab are the other tabs, the ‘Games’ tab (game apps) and the ‘Apps’ tab(non-games apps), which makes it an app you want to browse unlike the previous version with Featured, Categories and Top Charts tabs.


The iMessage now contains an app drawer that helps you send stickers, images, music, animated messages conveniently. It also has the ability to pay your contacts using apple pay and provides integration with many such apps. Storing the messages on iCloud is also a very significant feature helping synchronize messages across all iOS and macOS devices.

Typing Tricks

The new QuickType keyboard which moves the keys closer to the thumb thus making it easier to type single-handed is a latest entrant in the all new iOS 11starkingly different than the iOS 10.


Siri can now translate in German, French, Italian, Chinese or Spanish, with further languages being added soon with an aim to give a tough competition to Google Translate.

It has a more human sounding tone making it sound less robotic and understands and responds more quickly than in the past operating systems including iOS 10. Artificial intelligence has greatly helped Siri become a lot smarter in its new avataar providing recommendation in various apps and responding understanding your taste,your usages patterns and several other preferences.

For example, if you use the News app with iOS 11, Siri will try to analyze and learn about the articles and topics that are of your interest and later accordingly show up articles that it thinks you would want to read.


The camera app on iOS 11 will now be able to scan QR code not only from billboards, posters and flyers but also from phones, tablets and computer screens bringing mobile app development services to a very different approach.

Other striking feature in the new version is with regards to storage, it has the provision to store images in HEIF or High-Efficiency Image File Format and videos in HEVC High-Efficiency Video Coding which retain the quality and clarity yet utilizing lesser space than the earlier operating systems. iOS 11 has added new editing tools and effects for live photos which help trim an image from live photo, add loop, bounce and share images easily.


iOS 11 has launched a new feature called ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’. This stops any notification from disturbing you while the maps guides you through the journey. If someone tries to message you, they will receive message notifying them that you are driving.

Maps will also now provide directory for stores within a mall and the security gate, the terminals and food courts within an airport though at limited locations now which will steadily expand. Lane guidance and speed limit indication are also some updates that will in aid in smooth navigation to your destination.\

At the End of a Good Read

The iOS 11 as claimed, might well be poised to take Apple devices to another level, with the addition of intuitive features including the powers of Artificial Intelligence, the future of mobile app development services for sure.



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