Captive Offshore Development

One of our most popular business engagements with our clients across the globe is setting up an offshore captive development center in India.This center works as a logical extension of the client IT team. Functioning as an independent entity offshore, this center is entirely under the client’s control and adheres to the security compliances, copyright regulations, IPR protection requirements and the workflows that are set up specifically for the client. Depending on client requirement, we also recommend having An onsite team for direct client interaction with business teams and smoother coordination with the offshore captive center.

Releasing you from the worries of infrastructure, project management, technical resource pool management having relevant experience in varied technologies and execution headaches The Nirvana Captive Center engagement model is an established way of availing cost benefits from geographically and financially suitable markets.

The close operational ties between you and our captive development center ensures that you control the day to day functioning of the setup and the center itself reflects your ideologies.

The Nirvana Captive Center Streamlines


The Nirvana Captive Offshore Center Workflow Management

The Nirvana Captive Offshore Center Advantage

  • Cost effective
  • Customized processes with appropriate communication
  • Assured security and non-disclosure adherences governed by a Master Service Agreement
  • Availability of a highly skilled experienced technology pool with “As Required” usage
  • Flexible work timings allowing overlap with global work timings
  • Complete control over the operations,financial budgets,communication & data by systematic monitoring
  • Rights to Intellectual property and full ownership
  • Minimum capital investments