Data Analytics

Nirvana, as your Data Analytics Partner, offers Business Intelligence and Big Data Services which structure, curate, analyze and handle all your data with forethought, to help you achieve utmost advantage and potential business growth. Our Data Visualization and Analysis services give a thrust to your business profitability and encourage you to relive your existing data with an innovative perspective. Our talented pool of consultants aims towards categorization, analysis of data to be converted into intelligent, real-time business sources to attain faster ROI and benefits for any organization, which has mammoth amount of structured and unstructured data to be interpreted.

Business Intelligence Services

Nirvana’s end-to-end BI service offerings in leading technologies like Pentaho, Microsoft, Jaspersoft and Tableau have achieved acceptance globally amongst leading industry domains like Sales and Distribution, Finance & Insurance, Food and Beverages, Shipping & Logistics, Health information services and Digital Marketing. Our global partnership with Pentaho facilitates us to provide extensive services across the Pentaho Product Stack.

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Key Benefits

  • Capability of a single solution to handle multiple business functions
  • Cross-departmental synchronization
  • Historical analysis and forecasting
  • Ensures data availability, completeness and reliability
  • Seamless Interfacing with various data sources / third party legacy data
  • Drill down / Drag and drop facility to generate information instantly
  • Dashboard for quick and accurate decision-making
  • Descriptive Analytics to take a peep into the past
  • Predictive Analytics to provide a forethought into the future trends
  • Prescriptive Analytics to offer a recommendation of an assortment of possible solutions

Big Data Services

We @ Nirvana, offer robust and across-the-board Big Data services, which look after the storage, transaction, analysis and maintenance of unstructured heaps of data in a premeditated and controlled manner to make the most of it further for real-time analysis, visualization and foresight. Our accomplished proficiency lies in developing and implementing custom-made analytic solutions using Big Data technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB and HP Vertica.

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Key Benefits

  • Value added information to give a real-time insight, thus providing business advantage
  • Early indication of certain key risk or potentially harmful areas, well ahead in time means added fortune to business
  • Increased, better and accurate analysis with increased evidence of data
  • A real time, expansive 360 degree operational view using Big Data, providing detailed insights into the KPIs of the organization

Database Services

We @ Nirvana have extensive expertise in Database services encompassing heterogeneous databases covering the entire spectrum of organization’s database needs. Our proficiency talks of designing and managing traditional as well as unconventional databases storing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. We help our clients monitor, performance tune and check the health of the database.

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Key Benefits

  • Latest modeling techniques and assessment of data sources and values to ensure consistent, logical and unique data quality
  • Ensure application performance through optimization
  • Track the potential database and to measure the availability and responsiveness over time, especially peak time monitoring
  • Maximize the utilities of system resources to ensure efficient and effective output with faster speed and accuracy