Testing & QA Services

Nirvana offers the best of Software Testing and QA Services, with a dedicated, qualified and experienced testing team, committed to continually improving quality. We have well defined standard testing processes, with a right blend of both – manual and automated testing. Our software testing services focus on ensuring enriched quality at every step of the project cycle, aiming near zero post delivery defects and enhanced client satisfaction through regular analysis, unbiased assessment, feedback and conclusion.

With a stringent focus to streamline the quality process at every juncture of the project, our comprehensive ticket management tool tracks the history of the tickets generated and is highly beneficial for issue analysis, rework effort and analysis and SLA compliance reporting.

Testing Process @ Nirvana

The proficient testing team @ Nirvana judiciously carry out manual and automated testing activities, develop comprehensive test cases for the most complex scenarios attempting to make the solution fool proof. With meticulous test method plans, test cases and scenarios to improve cost effectiveness by enhanced speed and efficiency, our testing teams offer an unbiased view of your software, keeping in mind the sole objective behind this – ‘complete customer satisfaction’. We ensure that your software caters to all your stated requirements and performs at its best, on diverse devices with different platforms.

Desktop / Web / Mobile Application Testing

With a commitment to serve the best of quality, our Desktop / Web / Mobile App testing teams aim to enhance cost effectiveness and reduce rework time by identifying possible issues at early stages of the project life cycle with an unbiased assessment of the quality of the applications, through a well thought of mix of manual as well as automated testing.

Automated Testing

With the ever growing diverse environments and devices and agile development methodology gaining popularity, it is today a necessity to carry out testing using automated tools. We @ Nirvana possess experience in simulating scenarios and effectively mixing, both manual and automated software testing as a part of our Test Plans and Test Cases assuring our testing to be quality, cost and timeliness driven. We have given a separate focus to Automated testing by having a separate team that continually keeps abreast of the new testing tools and suggests its usage to our esteemed clientele. Be it utilities, bug tracking tools, open source tools or performance testing tools, our team has the requisite experience of using the same. Our portfolio also boasts of performance and load testing for concurrent users for cloud and server based apps, in order to measure their response times. We have skilled competency in services like migration from manual to automation testing, migration to open source testing tools and optimization of the existing automation framework.

Manual Testing

Our skilled testing professionals, through manual testing, reproduce the user behavior, adhering to standardized procedures to test the real picture and catch all the unexpected bugs much before the system is actually implemented. Perceiving the fact that manual testing demands exceptional skillfulness, where a lot of human intervention is required to follow user behavior, we embed scrupulous test plans and test cases much prior to user acceptance. We ensure a reliable, quality driven and fool proof software, be it an inhouse, third party or custom development project.

Service Offerings


  • Database Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Usability Testing


  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Cross Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Load Testing


  • Multiple Device Tesing
    • Resolution Testing
    • Platform/OS based Testing
  • UI/UX Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Functional Testing

Key Deliverables


Key Benefits

  • Well defined Quality Management System
  • Unfaltering Test Processes Management and execution
  • Versatility of testing services
  • Practical mix of Manual and Automated testing methods
  • Flexible business models
  • Experienced, trained and certified Test Engineers
  • Ability to cater to various domains and technologies
  • Separate Test environment in various Operating Systems (Linux, Windows etc)
  • Experience with multiple automated testing tools
  • Web based on-line Defect Tracking System
  • Cost Effectiveness